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Get more out of your sports events, take part in the Teke Cup and Teke Ranking

Teke Cup

The Akhal Teke Horse Association offers the Teke Cup every year for the promotion of akhaltekes in Endurance, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and also in Trec if there are enough entries.

What is the Teke Cup?

All pure-bred akhalteke hores can take part who have ridden in national or international competitions from CEN* to CEI**** level. You have only to send in your cards with the results. This also goes for FEI* to FEI**** and other sports. The three best results will be judged and placed according to the FEI system. The competition only concerns the horse that may be ridden by different riders.

What is the purpose of participation?

The Teke Cup highlights the achievements of the Akhal-Teke in sports. The winner and those placed second and third will be given prizes.To date, this is the only Cup that collects information and results of this breed in equine sports. Over the years, valuable information can be compiled on which horse families achieve the best results – which can be interesting for both competitors and breeders.

Teke Ranking

Pure-bred and part-bred (at least 50% AT) akhaltekes that participate in national and international endurance rides, can take part in the Teke Ranking. Here the horses will be ranked according to the kilometers successfully completed in competitions on all levels.

The horse that has gone the most kilometers in a calendar year – regardless under which rider – will be declared the winner.

How to take part?

Send us your official results and a copy of the horses pedigree before 15th of December to Michelle Schuijt, mj. schuijt@gmail. com


If you have further questions, contact Marian Weltevreden. President of ATHa and organizer of the Teke Cup Competitions.

Teke Award

In the meantime we would like to offer a Teke Award to the most promising horse in any of the above- mentioned sports. So send us your results, no matter in which sport, and compete for the Award.