Akhal-Teke Horse Association asbl is an international non-profit organization registered in Luxemburg; its primary task is the promotion of the Akhal Teke breed. Atha is recognized by MAAK/VNIIK and assists members to register their foals for MAAK pedigrees, apply for MAAK breeding licenses , and facilitates all communication with MAAK/VNIIK.

Benefits of Membership:

— registration of horses with MAAK

— MAAK papers and passports for new foals

— breeding licenses where required and advice on breeding choices

— regular newsletters; free Teke Mania; free advertising on the website; half-price advertising in Teke Mania

Contribution 50 euro per year full membership. Passive membership — supporters without horses 30 euro


Marian Weltevreden

+31 619 675 897


Sylvia Peyron

+33 646 373 006

Teke Mania

Noelle Shon

+35 621 136 336


Sonja Janssens



Lindi de Gans