In 2002 the Akhal Teke Horse Association (ATHA) was originally founded with it’s main purpose to bring Akhal Teke owners together and to promote the Akhal Teke in West Europe.

Over the years we have grown into an association with a stable group of members from amongst others the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Germany. We do our best to bring members closer together in various ways. An example of this is organizing the European Championship. Every two years we try to organize this championship in a place central in Europe so that members from all over Europe can come and have their horses judged by official jury members from Russia.

Other activities of ATHA are publishing a yearly magazine Teke Mania for members made by members. We have established prizes for the best sports achievements of the year in endurance, dressage, jumping and eventing, called the Teke Cup. There is also a Teke Ranking for the endurance horse that has run the most successful kilometres that year which is also open to partbreds.

We are maintaining a website with information about members’ horses, sport activities, helping registering horses with MAAK, and other studbook questions. And newsletters are sent to our members every few months.

Another important activity is helping to register members’ foals with MAAK, apply for passports and ownership certificates, breeding certificates for stallions and registration of adult breeding mares in the General Studbook. We keep MAAK informed about births, deaths, sales and other happenings and sort out problems of registrations that were never properly completed. In this way we strengthen our ties with the General Studbook of Akhalteke Horses and keep our members informed.

Last but not least, we would like to help you with finding the perfect Akhal Teke for you!

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